Photographer of the Month for January

It’s a new year and we have a new section for our blog.

Each month we will feature a photographer, aswell as a new photo each week. Each of the photographs that we feature will also be available to purchase in our store.

Our photographer for the month of January goes by the name DiGUM:

Beginning his photographic journey in High School, DiGUM has been enthralled with the art of capturing the moment since 1987. While specializing in fisheye and obscure shots, DiGUM’s pictures encompass everything from the sweetness of a family to the harshness of the city streets. He describes his work as the art of warping the natural eye’s view to find beauty you may not otherwise uncover. Preferring to use a Canon A-1 as his mainstay and still shooting in film, he is able to capture the depth and realism that life has to offer.

You can visit his website at